We can help you design or improve your services and products whether you are a start-up or a corporate brand, government agency or a non-profit.

Strategic Design

We work with your teams to create innovative ideas and strategies for digital & physical products or services, that satisfy your target audience and business targets. For many organisations understanding customer needs, defining customer experience ecosystems and finding the market-value fit is a challenge. We help you to create better value propositions and become more customer centered by utilizing design research and thinking methods. Ideas shouldn’t stay on paper, so we support you during and after implementation to create an iterative and continuous design process.

  • Target audience definition

  • User and design research

  • Customer journey design

  • Idea generation

  • Value proposition and business design

  • Business validation

  • Implementation support

Service Design

We help organizations see their services from a customer perspective. We try to balance the needs of the customer with the needs of the business when improving or designing new services. Through collaborative design methods, we engage the customers and all the stakeholders that deliver the service. We help them grasp the service structure in a holistic way, enabling us to create meaningful and applicable experiences.

  • User and design research

  • Data analysis and visualisation

  • Customer journey design and service scenarios

  • Idea generation

  • Value proposition and business design

  • Prototyping and user validations

  • Implementation support

Futures Design

You can’t predict the future, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t design 5, 10 or maybe 30 years ahead. Through tracking trends closely, using futures design methods and collaborating with industry experts, we create the possible and even preferable future outcomes for the related industry or business field. Futures design helps you prepare for the good, bad and even catastrophic scenarios and envision your future product, service or experience strategy.

  • Horizons scanning

  • Trend watching and prioritisation

  • Future scenario design

  • Idea generation

  • Defining the future needs and opportunities

  • Storyboarding and visualisation

  • Strategy generation and roadmapping

Teaching Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is not attributed only to designers. We can teach your teams what is human centered design, how to conduct design research, how to define problems and ideation techniques. It is crucial that organizations have the creative thinking ability to create meaningful experiences. Through a series of training, participatory research and design sessions, we help your people to handle problems in a creative way.

  • Participatory design sessions

  • Workshops, presentations and trainings

  • Research and ideation tool-kits